Restoration Works/Synagogue Restoration



The restoration of the synagogue decorations, of the schoolroom and of the women's gallery required:

·         Preliminary consolidation of detached segments between the plaster and the wall;

·         Diagnostic exploration to establish the number of previous layers of intervention;

·         Cleaning of the surface and removal of superimposed layers;

·         Removal of salt efflorescence;

·         Filling gaps and cracks in the plaster;

·         Remediation of abrasions in the pictorial decorations and decorative plasterwork, using watercolors;

·         As far as the masonry is concerned, reinforcement of detached or fractured elements was performed, as well as plastering of gaps and cracks, followed by pictorial restoration of the painted imitation marbles and the decorated cornice.

·         As to the structures and furnishings in wood: Flooring, trabeation, and ceiling have undergone cleaning, preservation and reinforcement;

·         Interventions in doors, windows, benches and fixtures in general have dealt with each specifically, so as to recover the function of each individual artifact (cleaning/paint-removal with solvents, renovation and reinforcement, integration or makeover of structural elements, final protection with transparent and water repellent varnishes;

·         With the painted works, the aim was to recover the original colors.

·         The restoration project also addressed the curtains and fabrics, providing for cleaning and restitution of the parokhet to its original position and the display of the curtains in designated showcases.



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