In keeping with Legislative Decree no. 460 of 1997, the Foundation's specific objectives are:

 ·         Safeguard, enhancement and promotion of assets of artistic and historical interest, with particular attention to those that can be attributed to the past Jewish presence in the city of Cherasco. 

·         Promotion of culture and art, particularly as it relates to Jewish and French heritage.

·         Scientific research of particular societal benefit, affiliated with Israeli universities or research institutions and conducted in Piedmontese territory.


For the achievement of its goals, the Foundation may coordinate and integrate its activity with organizations, universities, and other public or private entities, in Italy or abroad.


The safeguard and restoration of Jewish venues in Cherasco are the core of the De Benedetti - Cherasco 1547 Foundation's activity.


Relatively many Jewish families, among which the De Benedetti family, lived in this city for generations.  Thus, the Foundation, through its Committee for Cherasco Origins ("Origini Cheraschesi"), comprising internal and external advisors, wishes to bring to light and to promote knowledge of the long Jewish presence in this town. This includes support of editorial projects relevant to the town's Jewish past.


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