The Foundation


The De Benedetti-Cherasco 1547 Foundation was established in 2002, in remembrance of engineer Gian Giacomo Debenedetti and his love for Cherasco, an attachment prompted by gratitude toward a city, which, beginning in 1547, had accepted within its walls a number of Jewish families, among which were the De Benedettis. 

The De Benedetti Foundation's primary goal is to restore and safeguard Jewish venues in Cherasco. It also seeks to promote relations with the State of Israel, for example, through the twinning of Cherasco with the town of Qiryat Gat. 


In addition, the Foundation seeks to maintain cultural ties with France, in commemoration of the Armistice of Cherasco (signed April 28, 1796). The peace concluded between Revolutionary France and the Kingdom of Sardinia introduced the values of the former into the domains of the latter and, consequently, bestowed numerous rights that Jews had already previously acquired in territories conquered by France north of the Alps.



A family quirk

Like all families, the De Benedetti - or is it the Debenedetti? - are not all of one mind, even in the spelling of their name. This website faithfully records individual preferences, hence the variations in name spelling.


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