Jewish Cherasco /Synagogue



The parokhet of the Cherasco synagogue, in 18th century velvet, was restored in 2005-2006.

Above the room's four windows there are pelmets in lacquered wood, with three support rings, which suggest the existence of openable curtains suspended from a pole, without cloth pelmets.

The restorers discovered shreds of 18th century silk fabric, hand woven and of a design showing strong French influence. These have been restored.

 Various fabric elements were found in the cupboards of the schoolroom – some pieces from the 18th and 19th centuries, all of high quality. Among them were three samples of me'il (fabrics made for wrapping the Torah scrolls), one small pouch, and various tablecloths and curtains. All have been carefully restored and are exhibited in the women's gallery.

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